The EBMT welcomes media interest in the scientific and clinical issues that will be addressed at the 40th Annual Congress of the European Group for Blood and Marrow Transplantation.

Here you can find the EBMT Industry Media Policy and the Press Conference Room / Press Interview Room Reservation Forms.

Registration requirements:

Media representatives can also register onsite as in Milan. Registration forms without supporting documents and information will not be reviewed or approved.  

Registration for press is free and accredited media representatives are entitled to:

  • Attend the EBMT Press briefing (exact date and program will be announced later)
  • Set up one-on-one interviews with EBMT officials and research authors
  • Open admission to all EBMT sessions throughout the Congress
  • Access to the Press Room
  • Access documentation accompanying the Congress

Videotaping, photograph and audio recording:

Videotaping, photograph and audio recording at the EBMT Annual Congress is restricted to the following sessions: the EBMT Press Briefing and interviews as well as public areas of the congress center. Video recording of the education or scientific sessions is strictly prohibited. Photographing of copyrighted material reprinted without the prior consent of the study author/presenter is strictly prohibited.

Press contact:
EBMT Executive Office
Communication Coordinator: Melanie Chaboissier

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