The Scientific Programme will deal with most recent developments in autologous and allogeneic transplantation. Transplant will be viewed not as a stand-alone procedure, but as a part of a complex therapeutic program that includes molecularly targeted drugs, supportive therapies, cell selection, and gene-modified cell therapies.

The key message will be the integration among top level science, high technology (particularly cell and gene therapy), and clinical excellence.

The details of the sessions, speakers and chairs listed are provisional and while every attempt is made to maintain the topics and speakers as listed, this is information is subject to change.
You can consult the detailed programme, consult accepted abstracts and put together your personal itinerary planner by clicking here.

Satellite Symposia / Sponsored Sessions
Physicians Group
Nurses Group
Pediatric Day
Cell Therapy Day
Quality Management Group
Data Management Group
Patient, Family & Donor Day


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