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Dear friends,

On behalf of the EBMT and of the Local Organizing Committee, it is our pleasure to invite you to the 40th Annual Meeting of the EBMT, the 30th Meeting of the EBMT Nurses Group, the 13th Meeting of the EBMT Data Management Group, the 6th Meeting of the Quality Management Group, the 8th EBMT Patient & Family and the 1st Donor Day. This anniversary will be celebrated in Milan in coincidence with the Annual EBMT Meeting. The whole organization is determined to make this historical milestone a high-profile and unforgettable event.

EBMT has grown considerably in the last few years, and we have just celebrated in London the millionth transplant. EBMT has been a driving force of the biomedical and clinical history of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, and we are proud to be part of this history.

This anniversary is not only celebration. Looking forward to the next years, we are confronted with new and exciting challenges such as new genome technologies, integration of targeted therapies into transplant strategy, the emerging role of cell therapies, the choice of donor. These and many other scientific issues will be included in the Scientific Programme that will integrate top-level science, high technology, and clinical excellence; we also want to be close to the clinical needs of Centers. The EBMT Nurses Group will celebrate its 30th anniversary with a program that will focus on the latest developments in patient care. Most of all, we consider transplant not as a stand-alone procedure, but as a part of a complex therapeutic program, that needs contribution from different specialists and different professional expertise. In this regard, EBMT is a unique society, in that it includes physicians, nurses, allied health professionals, data managers, quality managers and now processing laboratory personnel. Several initiatives are planned to bring together nurses, physicians and other healthcare professionals who share the complex care of the transplant patient.

A peculiarity of 2014 program will be a new session format called “Cooperative Trials in Progress”, in which national and international cooperative groups focused on a specific disease will present their studies in progress, and will share their preliminary results. The Scientific Program this year will continue to offer, along with the main program, the second Pediatric Day, and a day dedicated to the various aspects of cell processing and therapy, organized in cooperation with ISCT (International Society for Cellular Therapy). This year its name will change from “Cell Processing Day” to “Cell Therapy Day”. Changing the name from “Processing” to “Therapy” implies a focus on clinical results of cell and gene therapy, without disregarding procedures and regulatory issues. The target audience will be clinicians, biologists involved in cell manipulation and processing, and basic scientists.

The 8th Patient and Family Day will take place as usual on the Saturday, March 29, 2014. This year we would like to formally include donors as association and as single volunteers into the organization: its name will change to “Patient, Family, and Donor Day”. The Italian Marrow Donor Association (ADMO) will be involved, as well as patient and volunteer organizations.

We are happy to offer the opportunity to visit Milano to EBMT members. Milano is a cultural, economic, fashion European capital: it will host the meeting with its sophisticated atmosphere. The Milano Convention Center (MiCo) is the largest convention center in Italy: it is located in the very heart of Milan (5 min from Da Vinci’s Last Supper), surrounded by 2,000 hotel rooms within 1 km area, and easily reachable from the three international airports.

Don’t miss the unique opportunity to be part of EBMT history - join us at Milan 2014!

Marco Bregni, M.D. - Congress President
Paolo Corradini, M.D. - Scientific Chair
Aleksandra Babic, R.N. – Local Nurse

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